Sunday, June 22, 2008

AVC Day #2 Report

By Robin Horwitz and Rory Osbrink

Massie is back in business and dominates American Velodrome Challenge

2008 USA Olympian Giddeon Massie, preparing for the Beijing Olympics, started off the day by doing 2nd fast 200tt with a 11.08. After going thru the rounds, he battled the sprint finals with a newcomer Jimmy Watkins (11.06) to beat him in 2 straight thrilling finishes. Not to be outdone by endurance racers, Giddeon also raced in the points race and battled with a world class field with the likes of Kenny Williams and Daniel Holloway to finish 3rd showing the world he's ready for the Beijing Olympics. Wrapping up the evening with a flying lap (19.1) to seal one of the most successful nights of his career, Giddeon had this to say "This was an awesome weekend and I enjoyed racing with those guys a lot. I'll be back".

Adam Duvendeck (11.22) of Momentum Cycling Team defeated Kelyn Akuna (11.44), Veritas, to complete the podium for the Elite sprints.

In one of the most fastest points race ever at Hellyer Velodrome, Kenny Williams pulled away from the field to win the final sprint and the $1,000 dollars in the John Peckham Memorial Race. Matt Talbott, a points racer, had this to say "This was insane. We were lulling around at 30 mph and sprinting at 37+ mph everytime but this was tons of fun".

Adam Duvendeck of Momentum Cycling Team had this to say "This is easily one of the best races in the country and I really hope this continues to grow and track racing will be once popular again in the United States" when commenting about the incredible crowds of the weekend. He added this "Now that American Velodrome Challenge is done with, it's back to the grind for the Olympics which I can't wait".


1) Gideon Massie

2) Jimmy Watkins

3) Adam Duvendeck

4) Kelyn Acuna

5) Giovanni Rey

6) Peter Bilington

7) Doug Hall

8) Keiran Cox

Flying 200tt

Watkins: 11.06

Massie: 11.08

Duvendeck: 11.22

Akuna: 11.44

Rey: 11.55

Cox: 11.67

Bilington: 11.79

Elgart: 11.9


1) Jen Featheringill

2) Becky Lang

3) Jennifer Triplett

4) Andrea Fisk

5) Beth Newell

6) Amara Boursaw

7) Larssyn Ruegg

8) Vanwalkenehm


1) Kenny Williams
2) Daniel Holloway
3) Karl Erickson
4) Grant Boursaw
5) Scott Zwizanski
6) James Badia
7) Dirk Copeland
8) Javier Castaneda
9) Steve Pelaez


1) Michael Hutchinson

2) Lawrence Nolan

3) Eric Balfus

4) David Klipper

5) Dan Smith

6) Scott Derdenger

7) Shaun Locker


1) Shelly Olds

2) Larssyn Rueegg

3) Annette Williams

4) Jen Fetheringill

5) Jennifer Triplett

6) Amara Boursaw


1) Kenny Williams

2) Lawrence Nolan

3) Grant Boursaw

4) Steve Peleaz

5) Steven Beardsley

6) Giovanni Rey


1) Jennifer Triplett

2) Jen Featheringill

3) Larssyn Rueegg

4) Megan Guarnier

5) Amanda Seigle

6) Kelly Bartholomew

7) Annette Williams

8) Jennie Bihlmaier

9) Shelley Olds

10) Amara Boursaw


1) Larry Nolan

2) Dan Smith

3) Nicholas Harter

4) John Simmons

5) Matt McNamara

6) Stan Terusaki

7) Patrick Briggs

8) Mark Altamirano

Saturday, June 21, 2008

AVC Day # 1 Report

By Robin Horwitz and Rory Osbrink

Speeds, thrilling finishes and hot weather brings excitement to American Velodrome Challenge

Day one saw a lot of fast and thrilling finishes especially in the Men and Women's keirin. In the Men's Keirin finals, Adam Duvendeck led with one lap to go but couldn't hold it. Local sprinter Giovanni Rey overtook Kelyn Akuna and Adam Duvendeck. Out of nowhere, Giddeon Massie came from the high line and nipped Rey at the line drawing a lot of cheers.

The video clip can be seen at:

Earlier, Eugene Chacherine (NCNCA Collegiate Champion) took a very hard hit into the cement and wall. Even though he returned for a race, he suffered injuries to his right side.

In the women's keirin finals, Jennifer Feathergill held off Larryn Ruegg and Becky Lang to win outright.

In the women's points race, local hero Shelley Olds of Proman Racing had her team work for her and it turned out to be a race for the second. Jennifer Triplett had this to say "The proman women did a great job of leading out Shelley Olds each sprint so it was a race for second. Awesome race to all who raced".

In the Madison race, 9 teams showed up for a very fast Madison. Daniel Holloway and Ben Barsi-Rhyne of Slipstream sports set the tempo the whole race. Kenny Williams and Grant Boursaw of First Rate Mortgage tried to keep it close but Holloway was able to grab the points during sprints.

Master’s Miss n Out RESULTS
1)Copeland, Drik
2)Nolan, Lawrence
3)McNamara, Matt

Women’s keirin final results
1) #157 Featheringill, Jennifer
2) #109 Reugg, Larryn
3) #82 Lang, Bekcy
4) #89 Olds, Shelley
5) #122 Triplett, Jennifer
6) #95, Newell, Beth
7) #177 Williams, Annette
8) #61 Fisk, Andrea

Massie, Gideon
Rey, Giovanni
Palaeaz, Steve
Beardsley, Steven
Boursaw, Grant
Acuna, Kelyn
Watkins, Jimmy
Duvendeck, Adam

10k sratch- Masters
Nolan, Lawrence
Copeland, Dirk
Klipper, David
Smith, Dan
NcNamara, Matt

Elite miss n out
Ended in three-up sprint, close until turn 4- Holloway broke away and finished with arms up

1) Holloway, Daniel
2) Copeland, Dirk
3) Zwizanski, Scott
4) Briggs, Patrick
5) Evans, Rob
6) Williams, Kenny

Olds, Shelley
Triplett, Jennifer
Williams, Annette
Maroon, Mary
Kingsley, Karla
Nevitt, Julie

1 Daniel Holloway/Ben Barsi-Rhyne
2 Kenny Williams/ Grant Boursaw
3 Andrew Armstrong/ Steven Beardsly
4 Patrick Briggs/Drik Copeland

-- Robin Horwitz

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spy Reports

Kelyn Akuna: 11.0 - 11.2 for 200tt

Adam Duvendeck: 32.1 for a flying 500tt

Giddeon Massie: 30.2 for a flying 500tt

Becky Lang: 6.7 for the first 100 meters.

Matias Elgart: 11.1 behind a motor in a 81 inches gear.

Super Secret Report!

Ever wonder what those elite trackies live their lifestyles? especially before a huge (yeah....) race like AVC?

Those cycling magazines would go on and on and say they're counting calories, fat intake, and output, etc.

So here's the scoop!

At this restaurant in San Jose - Travis, Adam and Giddeon sat down with Leo Menestrina (their host of Alto Velo), Jewel (Interpreter) and myself.

Right away, Leo asked Adam and G if they were tapering off, Adam (the talkative one) said yes, he's tapering off for this event. Next week it's back to the grind but right now he's tapering off by eating well and sleeping well but normally hitting the sack at midnight - 1 pm.

(Aha! so they do really live the lifestyle of an elite athlete).

Adam ordered a steak platter with beer. Hmmm - interesting choice. I will have to try and replace water with beer. It seems to be working for him because he said he'll probably use 102 inches in Keirin (that's like 53x14).

(Making a mental note to myself: Add steak and beer everyday)

G had a swordfish plate but took Travis' huge salad just to finish it up.

(Aha, overeating isn't a problem for them.)

Super Secret Report coming up this afternoon after their training session at 3-6 pm!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

American Velodrome Challenge Predictions


John Peckham Elite Points Race - One of the fastest races in the history of Hellyer, Holloway, Ben Jacques-Maynes and Ben Barsi-Rhyne trade pulls throughout the race. In the end, with a powerful sprint, Holloway nips Ben Jacques-Maynes for $1k and spends it on his girlfriend the next day. His dad is upset.

Men's Sprints - Duvendeck and Massie could only get 10.9 thus allowing Jeff Solt's record to remain for one more year. 11.5 gets you in the show creating for some thrilling match sprints. Montano Velo sprinters Giovanni Rey and Matias Elgart finish in top 4. Duvendeck fails to finish a match sprint when Travis tells him there's a new batch of Testarossa winery coming in over at the Beer Garden. Massie wins.

Men's Keirin - The most exciting race of the weekend. Duvendeck and Massie put on their 100 inches gear and try to power away from the rest of the field. Kelyn Akuna surprises the field to win the overall honors to draw the biggest cheer from the crowd. Kelyn's so thrilled he sprays the Mike's Hard Lemonade, making everything so sticky.

Men's Madison - Jacques-Maynes and Zwizanski trade pulls in a fast Madison race ever, lapping the field several times. Ben Jacques-Maynes, a perfect guy for a sponsor, keeps saying vacuuming several times "We just vacuumed the field throughout the night and it was easy to clean up the mess".

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heyller awaits AVC...

Junior racers - AVC 2014 Superstars

A little down-time between races gives the opportunity to showcase some of our up-and-coming youth and junior riders. (Andrew Lanier, Rob Jensen, Glenn Kubacki and) a host of volunteer coaches, parents and mentor riders run Juniors Programs for hopeful beginners to advanced trackies.

On a side note, the junior races are shaping out to be really popular among the kids this Saturday evening. We have terrific races ranging from Sprint, Win n Out and Scratch races.
Registration is going to be closed tonight at midnight, finally setting the stage for the biggest race of the year at Hellyer Velodrome.